Intermediate Lvl 2 Ring Muscle Up Program

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One to two day per week program to enhance ring swinging and kipping muscle-up skill.

Who it’s for:

This program is ideally for athletes with good pushing and pulling strength and basic strict muscle- up skill. These athletes would like to take their skill to the next level for competitive fitness and perform swinging (or “kipping”) muscle-ups. This program is also for athletes who can perform kipping ring muscle-ups but would like to improve efficiency and overall ring skill and proficiency.


Each session takes 20–30 minutes. If your technique is suffering from other training or volume, then spread it out. It’s important to have fresh arms and a lot of control doing these. Going through the motions won’t help you improve.

Other Notes:

Adding a swing to a muscle-up allows you to perform more reps in a given amount of time.
This increases your work output and intensity, and thus allows you to compete in higher-level competitive fitness workouts. Adding the swinging element also adds another great dimension of skill to the task. The most important efficiency points in the kipping ring muscle-up are to control the tension on the rings and control your body position. Hitting proper body position allows you to change the direction of your momentum from a backward rotating swing to a forward rotating muscle-up. Efficiency here comes mainly from proper use of arch and hollow positions.

The design of the skill sessions is to repeat simple drills that will make efficient technique automatic. In the companion media, we’ll discuss basic muscle-up body position considerations and common faults, but there are NO muscle-ups in these sessions. These are the building blocks to make your muscle-up attempts more successful and efficient. If you have never done a kipping muscle-up, you don’t keep practicing them every week. Take a step back and do these skill sessions, only going back and practicing muscle-ups every four weeks or so.


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