Intermediate Lvl 1 Ring Muscle Up Program

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This is a two day per week program to develop strict ring muscle-up skill.

Who it’s for:

This program is for athletes with good pulling and pushing strength who need skill work to either achieve or become efficient at strict muscle-ups. We’ll define good strength as the ability to perform max-effort unbroken strict dips 10–15 reps men and eight to 12 reps women AND max- effort unbroken strict pull-ups 10–15 reps men and 8-12 reps women.


Each session takes about 15 minutes. A day or two of rest should be taken between sessions. You can spread these out to do only once per week, but ideally you want to do it twice per week. When trying to build the basic body awareness and skill to perform muscle-ups, practice frequency is crucial.

Other Notes:

For athletes WHO DO NOT HAVE good pushing and pulling strength as described above, you may use this program but you should also add a pulling and pushing strength supplement (like the Brute Muscle-up Strength Supplement).


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