Advanced Lvl 1 Ring Muscle Up Program

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Who it’s for:

Four sessions designed to increase kipping ring muscle-up skill for advanced competitive athletes who would like the skill to perform better at competitive fitness workouts involving muscle-ups. Men who can perform 10–15 or more kipping ring muscle-ups and women who can perform 7-12 or more kipping ring muscle-ups.


Each session takes 20–30 minutes. Most athletes will find that one session per week works well, but these are not very fatiguing workouts so you can do them more frequently if you see fit. However, at least a day or two of rest should be taken between sessions. You don’t want to wear out your shoulders doing this stuff too much. This work is for quality, not fatigue.

Other Notes:

Frequent videos of technique practice with review and self assessment are strongly encouraged. There’s no substitute for strength and foundational skill. Completion of Parts 1–3 of this series is strongly recommended before moving on here. Parts 1–3 give you the skill and capacity to get to this point. But when you’re ready to get even better and compete at a high level, this program will help you put more tools in your toolbox.

We want you to be able to recognize and perform different styles of muscle-ups and use them in different situations as needed. In competitive fitness, you’re pushing the limits of your capacity constantly and the more options you have to succeed under stressful conditions, the better off you’ll be. The four techniques you’ll fine-tune here are: 1) Hollow-position muscle-up 2) Late arch muscle-up 3) Early arch muscle-up 4) Swinging-dip press-out and late knee bend techniques.


Style #1: The Late-Arch-Pull RMU (Classic); Style #2: The Hollow-Pull RMU (Swinging Strict RMU); Style #3: The Early-Arch-Pull RMU (Front Uprise); Side-by-Side Comparison of 3 Styles; Turnover Technical Note